Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still Searching ...

I tried many times to know about myself apart of that, whatever I have declared in social sites. I tried google also but google is blindly supporting my views only, that I have already mentioned somewhere, nothing else.
But I am not satisfied with that, not agree with my own views about myself. Actually I think I am lacking somewhere, something I missed or may be that only missed point is me.
I searched myself in computers, in books, in my poems, in my writings even in my flute. Still I am blank. How mysterious life is?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Its Me ..

Me in Office ... 
          First question : Who the hell I am : I am just a normal human being like any one of you, named as Neeraj Dwivedi, from North India ( Kannauj, UP ).

I am the person having great belief on God as well as humanity. I am having dynamic personality as I have equal interest in Sports and my Job as an Engineer.

In my sense Life is a journey or you can say it's like a drama, and you have to play your role properly whatever is defined to you by Almighty. You have to just try your best that's only you can do and your best effort signifies your success.

Currently I am working in Infosys Technologies Ltd. Mysore DC with FSI Unit as a System Engineer.

Now my attempt to blog is just a try to extend myself in cyber space.

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